It settles the conditioned mind, allowing thoughts and feelings to settle like mud in a glass of muddy water, thereby revealing the clear water mind, the natural mind.


It enables you to practice non-attachment and non-aversion by merely observing thoughts, feelings, sensations, images etc to arise and naturally fall away without getting caught up in them and thereby reinforcing and building more story, increasing attachment and aversion.


It enables you to practice self-acceptance – no matter what thoughts, feelings, sensations etc arise, you remain in a peaceful state of observation, there is no conflict, no judgment, no chastisement.


As your conditioned mind – its thoughts, feelings, sensations etc – settles, you shift seamlessly into your unconditioned state of consciousness wherein you experience your natural peace, joy, power, limitlessness, energy of Love.


In your natural, unconditioned state of consciousness, you experience the effortlessness of life, you encounter truth in a real and personal way..


By ‘doing nothing’ i.e. by merely observing, you experience the profound power and insight that such observing offers you in contrast to the conditioned compulsion to be always ‘doing’ with little to no benefit and often unsatisfactory or harmful results.


You experience in a real and personal way where your true power and happiness lies which is not in anything you do, anything that you acquire or anything that you become. Instead, you discover that you are already imbued with the power and bliss/radiance of the Universe, its infinite possibilities and its incorruptible nature. In other words, you experience yourself as you truly are – Unsurpassable, Incorruptible and Unenhanceable.


You see, in a real and irrefutable way, the futility and falseness of all the stories that you have been turning over in your mind, including the stories around disease, aging and lack and you are liberated from them.


You lose your solid sense of self and experience instead the seamless continuum of form and formlessness that you are, physical and non-physical.


You lose your sense of separation from all else and instead experience the continuity and unity of all of life – you are everything and everything is you.


You experience the deep state of relaxation wherein your mind-body is spontaneously restored to its natural healthful state.


You experience in an undeniable way your true, natural state of being to which you can return again and again and from which you are more and more inclined and able to live.


All this is the practice and effects of meditation.

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