We all feel a need to matter. To be significant. Most of all to ourselves. And most of all to the world. But how do we live from the truth that we already matter? Before we have said or done or acquired or accomplished anything, we already matter. How do we encounter this truth and live from it?

Return to Innocence

is a Meditative journey within a Mentoring relationship in which you encounter the truth of your innate, unacquired significance and you learn to live from it. You can start at any time.


As a Mentor, I use my years of Meditation practice and the insights, understandings and breakthroughs that it has given me to help you access that place and state within yourself that gives you the insights, understandings and breakthroughs that you seek.


As a Meditation teacher, I use the experience I’ve gained from teaching for almost 20 years to help you establish a daily Meditation practice that nurtures and enlightens you. I also help you recognize and overcome the habitual resistances of mind and body to the practice as well as to allowing the change that you most deeply and sincerely seek.


As an experienced high school and tertiary teacher together with the academic research I’ve done in education and cognitive psychology, I use powerful teaching and learning strategies and skills to help you learn quickly, easily and effectively.


By keeping up to date with advances in Neuroscience particularly as it relates to changing brain and body habits and neural patterning through Meditation practices, I provide you with information and powerful strategies, techniques and skills that help you choose empowering beliefs and behaviors to create new pathways for new realities.


By continuing to practice in and as an ever expanding state of awareness and in and as the consciousness of infinite possibility that I am (and that you too are), I walk my talk. In fact, I never tell you anything that is not already true for me.


Okay, now that that’s out of the way,  let’s talk about what this is really about -YOU 🙂

You’re here for a reason that only you (may) know at this stage. That reason may be clear to you or it may be unclear and perhaps just felt as a restlessness or a question or… pain.


Perhaps it’s related to a physical health condition or a mental or emotional health condition. Whatever it is, it will fall under one or more of these categories 🙂


So you’re wondering what to do about it.


Perhaps it’s something you’ve experienced for too long. Perhaps it’s a trauma from childhood. Perhaps it’s only recent and has taken you by surprise, maybe even shaken your world, sent you hurtling into an uncontrollable emotional storm …


The thing is, you don’t feel confident or clear or strong or motivated or brave enough to handle it yourself.


Maybe you’ve tried other things with other people, maybe many times. Or maybe you’ve never felt brave or motivated or humble or safe enough to ask for help.


But you’re considering it now.


You think some help might be useful but you’re not sure what and how and from whom.


And then…


You find yourself here!


(Wow, I am so pleased :))


You’re reading this. You’re wondering…Do I?



Listen to that still, small voice within you.



That still, small voice is not very audible and not very clear right now. Perhaps it hasn’t been for a long time because of all the head talk that the Ego (yours and others) spins you in relentlessly…


Never mind

(Yeah, never mind the mind ;))


Do this

Contact me here for an obligation free chat.


We’ll talk for as long is necessary. Then you decide. That’s all there is to it.


Please. For once. Don’t over think it.


I know. I know. Were’t we taught to think twice about everything? Weren’t we encouraged to be rational, logical, reasonable, sensible, cautious, to not be impulsive, to not trust our heart, to be fearful?


Ignore all that. For once. Just get in touch. No obligation. Just a chat. You can decide after.


There will be no pressure from me. Just a desire to listen, to be fully present to you. In the process, we will both get a sense of what feels good, what feels right. We’ll honor that and let it guide us.


And that will be enough.

So, get in touch. You’ve everything to gain and nothing to lose

Contact me here for an obligation free chat.


What??? You’re still here???


OK, you’re wondering about cost? And whether you can do it online (through Skype for example)?

Firstly, yes, of course you can do it over Skype.


Now, the other question.  Let me tell you this. I only want what you’re willing to joyously give me. If that’s nothing, that’s fine :).


If it’s $1000 per session, that’s fine too. OK, it’s fantastic 🙂 Means I can do so much more to help others and enjoy myself while doing it :).


If it’s $10 or 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 or 90 or 100 or…per session, that’s fine too.


You know, I’ll never let money be a reason for not working with you and I sincerely hope you won’t let it be a reason for not working with me. But whatever you choose to give me, if you choose to give me anything at all, I do want you to give willingly and joyously. That’s important to me.


Oh, another question. How long is each session and how often?

Generally, 2 hours and I would really like you to commit to weekly sessions and a minimum of 6 sessions. I’ll explain why when we talk.


One more question. Can you talk a little bit about Innocence and living from it?

(I can’t see how it’s relevant to me…I’m really looking for help with a health issue. OR My relationship is crumbling and I need help. OR I’ve been addicted to alcohol for twenty years. OR I have never been able to hold down a job. OR …)

Sure. I’ll be very brief here. But you can read more, much more, by simply doing a search (use the search window in the right side bar of this page). Or start with this one.


And as you keep reading here, keep the following truth in mind

We are not encumbered by a vast array of unique problems. There is just one ‘problem’ expressed and experienced in different ways – our failure to recognize who and what we truly are


Innocence = In Essence.


But who and what are we ‘In Essence’?

Love, Life, Awareness, Limitlessness, Consciousness, Peace, Joy, Freedom, Creativity, Wonderfulness, Greatness, Truth, Unconditioned, Presence…


And, who and what are we NOT in essence?

Our personality, our habits, our thoughts, feelings, sensations, body, past, future, history, stories, conditioned, learned, our failures and successes, our acquisitions and our losses, our fears, guilt, shame, unworthiness, lack, anger…I think you get what I mean.


Can we experience this for ourselves? Both who and what we ARE and who and what we’re NOT? And how?

Yes, we can. Through Mindfulness, Meditation, Contemplation, Silence, Intuitive Inquiry.


Why do I need to do this?

If somebody was lying to you and you didn’t know it, yet you based all your choices, words and actions in life on what you believed to be true, would you want to keep doing that?


I can see that if the lie was in your favour and caused you to make wonderful, life-giving choices and take actions that you were always confident about and pleased with, you’d say, Bring it on! I love that lie. I can live with that. I want to live with that!


But what if that lie predisposes you to making decisions and taking actions that disempower you, that make you fearful, that keep you tense, stressed, unworthy, guilty, ashamed, disgusted with yourself, untrusting of yourself and others, unsafe, lacking confidence and clarity, fearing your own shadow as it were, and constantly running away from it?


What if you’ve tried again and again with different methods and different people and although you would have experienced some relief, you still keep falling back into the same habits of thought, word and behavior?


It’s not as if you haven’t been trying. It’s just not been working.Why? Because you’re still in prison.


Now. wouldn’t you want to escape from that prison of a lie?


Hopefully, you will want to though it’s true that many people feel safer in prison than outside because they’ve become so used to it. It has become their comfort zone.


Yes, you can be in your comfort zone and still feel unhappy, unfulfilled, unworthy, unproductive….In fact, isn’t that how it is for most of us? Isn’t it true that it’s only when we get out of our comfort zone, when we rattle the status quo, when we do, think and feel something different  that we start to feel alive and effectual?


I must tell you now that the crazy thing about this is that most of us don’t even realize we’re in this prison! At least, we’re not aware of it most of the time. Most of the time, it’s invisible to us. Why? Because we were born into it. It’s all we’ve ‘known’, meaning, learned and accepted as ‘true’.


And what exactly is this prison?

It is the prison of who and what we believe we are. It is the prison of who and what we identify with – our past, our personality, our body, our beliefs, our stories, our judgments, opinions, ideas, perceived limitations, faults, weaknesses, failures, ‘sins’…Just about everything we have learned to believe, expect and  experience about ourselves and the world.  And yes,  it is also the prison of our comfort zone, of the status quo.


Now, either way, whether you’re ready to break free or you’re still wanting to stay in prison but can feel something in you saying ‘Come on, just give it a go’, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was someone who could help you with this?


Someone who’s able to help you break free if you’re ready.


And if you’re not ready, or believe you’re not ready, but are still curious or tempted, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who can support that tiny little spark of desire or curiosity within you in a non-threatening, non-demanding, loving and encouraging way? In a way that honors and respects you wherever you are and responds to you in a way that uniquely and best helps you?


I know you could say, Let sleeping dogs lie. Don’t rock the boat. No matter how unhappy or sick the dog is or how rickety the boat is, don’t disturb it. In fact, disturbing it would kill it or damage it completely, Destroy it!


And to that I say:

Just pause for a moment and consider this:

What if one small, effortless change could make a huge difference in your life?

What if, instead of tearing down what you know and are comfortable with, you discovered something within you that naturally and effortlessly boosted you to states of wellbeing.  passion, power and joy that you had never dared imagine?

What if you knew that this was entirely possible, for you, right now?

Would you be willing to make that small change? Take that journey of discovery? Give yourself a chance?


So, if you feel in that part of you that never lies, that can never shake off truth, that is resolute and still with no effort at all on your part (and there is such a place in you even if you rarely encounter it), then I’m here to give you my best shot.


OK. Let’s say I believe you even if I have little idea what it means and how it is relevant to my circumstances. If there is this Innocence in me, how do I live from it? Is it practical? Do-able? Desirable?

It is the most practical thing you could possibly do. Why? Because it is what is REAL. Not what you’ve learned through your social, cultural, religious, academic and other conditioning. It is unconditioned, unlearned. You cannot learn this. You can only experience it, be it. It is what you find under the hood of all your conditioning, of all that you have learned and think you know. It is the only state of truth. And it is what and who you truly are. Is there anything more ‘practical’ than that?


And by the way, Innocence is not ‘in you’. It is what you are – In Essence. Neither is it the opposite of guilt. Rather, it is the presence, your Presence, of all that is good, wonderful, magnificent and true. But we can talk more about this later.


But look, all this is just theory to you. The only way you’ll ever know is to find out for yourself. Take no one else’s word for it. Find out for yourself.  Which is where I can help.


I can show you how to find out for yourself. I cannot learn or walk or climb for you. I cannot make changes for you. But I can show you how to do it for yourself by guiding you to that place within you that will inspire you and show you how (just as it did for me). And I will support and encourage you all the way.


In fact, it is where you already are and have everything that you so deeply and truly desire.


It is from this place that you will feel FREE to effortlessly (less will/force/push power and more application/focus and dedication)

  • make the changes that you know you need to make
  • be the things that you so deeply want to be
  • make the decisions and take the actions that will express your natural wellness, abundance, goodness, greatness, wonderfulness, limitlessness, creativity, peace, joy, deliciousness and everything that excites, enthralls and allows you the deepest fulfillment in all aspects of your life.


You know, Life (or Love or God or Infinite Intelligence – whatever feels right for you), which is who and what we are, expresses itself in, as and through each one of us in a very unique and personal way.


When we allow its expression, we feel joyous, peaceful, powerful, limitless and fulfilled.


We effortlessly rise above mediocrity and settling for less.  We naturally expand into more and more of our greatness, goodness and freedom. We naturally become a light not only to ourselves but to others.


When we resist its expression (which we do mostly without realizing it), we feel constricted, unsure, unfulfilled, always looking to other people and other things for our security, for our self-worth. And we continue to wonder if it could be different, if there was something better, if you were something better…


If you’re reading this, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about…


One last question. I’m 17 (30, 50, 75…). Is this for me?

The short answer is: If you want to live with (greater) joy, confidence, power, peace, creativity, energy, aliveness, in short,  all that is good and great, it doesn’t matter what age you are.  If you feel that desire in you, it’s not because you’re a certain age. It’s because you feel it. Period. :). No need to speculate or theorize beyond that 🙂


Now, that’s all I want to say for now. There’ll be plenty more to say later. But excitingly and thrillingly, there will be more, so much more, to FEEL and EXPERIENCE and BE.


Don’t deny yourself. Again.


Get in touch. Complete the form here.


In Love, Lucy