All sessions below are offered Face-to-Face, over Skype or by Phone. All Payment is quoted in AUD.  

Please note: These are Mindfulness Meditation sessions that I guide without Mentoring.


There is nothing more peaceful, more powerful, more healing, more complete and more liberating than being in the presence of your true nature.


What are these?

These are meditation sessions with Lucy as your guide initially. It is intended that with each session, you become more confident in guiding yourself.


Who are they for?

These may be booked for Individuals or Groups and are available in 6, 12 and 18 Session Packages. Each session lasts 1.5 hours.


Payment Philosophy

The amounts below are suggestions. My ‘Payment Philosophy’ is that you decide if and how much to give me. The most important thing for me is that you give willingly and joyously 🙂


6 Session Package
Individual $90
Group $60
Concession $60

12 Session Package
Individual $150
Group $120
Concession $120

18 Session Package
Individual $210
Group $180
Concession $180




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Are you afraid to meditate?

Listen to some guided meditations below: I shall be adding more… 🙂

Breathing Being
Staying anchored in Truth when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Allowing Infinite Intelligence or Love to guide you
Listen Allowing Infinite Intelligence

This is Life and it wants nothing from you
Listen This is Life

Ruby and Sunrise by Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks
Listen Ruby and Sunrise

Let go and flow
Listen Let go and flow

1 Minute of Stillness
Listen 1 Minute of Stillness

And many more! Just do a search for ‘meditation’ in the right sidebar —-> 🙂

 Want to experience the Practical, Profound and Immediate Effects of Meditation?

Choose a Meditation Package with Lucy for yourself or your group here



About Lucy

Lucy Lopez has been Mentoring, Counseling, running Workshops and Retreats and teaching and guiding Meditation since 2001. She has a degree in Science and has been a High School and Tertiary teacher. She has also been a Human Resource Manager and done Research in Educational and Cognitive Psychology. Raised as a Catholic,  She has trained with the Gawler Cancer Foundation and is a member of Meditation Association of Australia. Lucy has been spiritually enriched by the teachings and practices of Buddhism and Vedanta especially in relation to the Nature of Mind/Reality. She seeks to guide you with compassion, understanding and a burning desire to help you live the life you deeply and rightly desire to live!