My most important message to you:


There is only Love and you and I are it. Love is Life is God is Truth is Infinite Intelligence is the Source Field or Quantum Field is the Dao. The name may vary but the reality is the same. Love is the only and ultimate reality.


Some of us will spend a lifetime recognizing and consciously learning to live this truth. Many of us, however, will never consciously engage with it.


Perhaps those of us who are more aware and accepting of this truth can be a more conscious expression of it for others as much as for ourselves.


Perhaps we can bring greater intentionality to the expression of Love everyday, in more and more moments of each day. Certainly that is my intention. I believe that on some level it is yours too.

Photo by David Iliff.

When we are not standing on the sacred ground of Love, the very substrate of Life and seeing through the eyes of Love, in other words, when we are in Ego consciousness, the truth of who and what we are is obscured from us.


This truth is violently refuted by the Ego, the illusion that purports to be our identity.


We have only one identity and it is LOVE.


It is who and what we are IN ESSENCE. It is our INNOCENCE


We are called to stand on this Ground of Truth and reclaim our only identity, LOVE.


The illusion of the world of the Ego is a compelling one. We need not judge or blame or punish ourselves for identifying with it.


But we have all felt somewhere, somehow and in some way, a certain impulse, a certain nudge, a certain force, a certain inkling, a certain voice within us that beckons us to itself.

Photo by Matthew Hadley

Something uncommon and unfamiliar to our conditioned ways of thinking, seeing, hearing and feeling. Something that we sense we have never ourselves thought into being or invited or created. It is just there.


And in our moments of stillness and quietude – if and when we have allowed them – that voice, that nudge, that impulse, that indescribable and unnameable ‘thing’ may make its presence known.


And sometimes, even when we have denied ourselves such stillness and quietude, in an insane bluster of chaos or in an unreachable pit of despair, that ‘thing’ may suddenly and thankfully be encountered, like water in a desert.


It can find us also in our unguarded moments of brief rapture and awe, of delight provoked by, say, the astounding beauty of an enchanting sunset or the disarming innocence of a child’s smile.


What is it? Where has it come from? What does it want?


Nothing. No thing.


The mystics describe it as ineffable. The Hebrew Scriptures refuse to call it directly by name. And Moses, standing in front of the burning bush was told by it: I AM THAT I AM.


In the Vedic tradition, it is described as the ultimate, all-pervading presence. There is nothing beyond it and nothing outside it. It is the all-encompassing, ultimate reality.


The Upanishads says:

That which makes the tongue speak, but which cannot be spoken by the tongue…

That which makes the mind think, but which cannot be thought by the mind…

That which makes the eyes see, but which cannot be seen by the eyes…

If you understand the meaning of I neither know nor don’t know, then you understand God.

Those who know that God cannot be known, truly know God.

That it is encountered underneath our conditioned and learned preoccupations of thought, word and action, reveals something about its nature.


Unlike our conditioned ways of being, it is uncreated, beginning-less and endless, unborn and deathless, beyond human influence yet influencing all of life. It is Life itself.

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We remain ensnared in the illusion of the Ego and its endless theater of plots and roles and we take them all so very seriously because we have lost touch with our true identity. Love.

There is only Love and we are it

There is only Love and we are it. That is our eternal truth and identity and unless we start taking this very seriously, we will never be free from the theater of Life and its bitter struggles.


No, this is not about escaping our humanity and our physical existence. It is about REAL-I -ZING the only thing that is REAL and that is the only ‘I’.

When we start to do this, our bondage to the Ego cannot but start to loosen. The roles and the plots of victimhood and powerlessness give way to the consciousness of creator and knower.


Omniscience, unknown and unfamiliar to the Ego, in ways unknown and unfamiliar to it, become our natural state once more for we have always and timelessly been that.


Though we might believe that Life is riddled with problems, new ones forever emerging and old ones reappearing again and again, the truth is there is only ever one problem – our failure to recognize the truth of who we are.


Buddhism refers to this failure as our fundamental ignorance which is our ‘original sin’ in the Christian tradition.

We are not encumbered by a vast array of unique problems. There is just one ‘problem’ expressed and experienced in different ways – our failure to recognize who and what we truly are

I AM Eternal Love

I AM Pure Power

I AM Limitless Creativity

I AM Boundless Joy

I AM Enduring Peace

I AM Infinite Beauty

I AM Clear Light

I AM Immaculate Grace

I AM Unending Music

I AM Timeless Rhythm

I AM Complete Knowing

I AM All That Is



Recognize the truth of who you are, spend time each day immersing yourself in it through meditation and then intend and allow yourself to live this truth in every moment.


No doubt you will slip out of this Awareness again and again – the Ego’s habits are deeply embedded in our mind, brain and body. So what? Just keep intending and allowing, everyday and several times a day. Just keep returning your mind to this truth. (Read more about the two realities that characterizes human life)


It requires a similar consistency as say, showering or eating daily or refueling your car. It is something that we must keep practicing until it becomes a habit and it will become a habit. It will get easier.


You will notice more quickly when you have lost touch with the truth of who you are.


You will feel the pain and discomfort of it more quickly and rather than dismiss or suppress or deny it as you might have done in the past, you’ll see that it is only there as messenger, not torturer, reminding you to return to Love, to your true nature.


What an elegant design we have evolved!


Do you find yourself struggling in life, hitting the same snags, repeating the same disempowering thoughts, words and behaviours, never really experiencing the kind of peace, health and freedom that you desire whether within yourself or in relationships?

Do you wish you were bold enough to allow that part of you that has been suppressed, disallowed or dismissed to be expressed freely, knowing instinctively, as you do, that it is what and why and how and who you are?

Do you feel that you have lost a sense of purpose in life? That you are merely existing, playing roles that are no longer meaningful and frequently questioning your self-worth?

These are not different problems, just different expressions of the same problem – the failure to recognize and live the truth of who you are – LOVE. It is the cause of every problem humanity has ever experienced.

I invite you to engage with me in a journey of self-awareness which is the journey of self-real-I-zation.


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