GET ENLIGHTENED TODAY! is a rousing chant, an  unshatterable realization, a way of life and an earnest invitation to you from me to start living effortlessly today!


It is a FLASH COURSE  (the Enlightened Way) in Effortless Living built on the powerful insight and irrefutable truth that The Enlightened Life is an Effortless Life.

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I live by this simple truth:  Effortless = Enlightened and I am inviting you to explore it for yourself and determine its validity.  I am certain that you will intuitively see and hear and feel its crystal clear ring of truth.  And when you do,  I will be here to cheer you on as you make that radical and  liberating shift from effortful living to Efffortless living.


And what is Effortless Living?  Why, it is living without Resistance!


As you will discover, Resistance is Effort because it goes against the natural flow of Universal Energy, of Love, of Life.  That is why Resistance is hard work.


In order to avoid the effort of resistance and align instead with the natural flow of Universal Energy, it is important to understand what laws or Universal Principles  are at work.  At this website,  you will be reminded of these Universal Principles and these essential and Timeless Truths that enable you to live the Enlightened and Effortless life!


This is the *work* I feel called to do.  It is what I feel passionate and purposeful about.  It is what I find intuitively meaningful and naturally joyous!  It is why I have been mentoring people from around the world since 2001 in the art and science of Effortless Living.


If you came to this website expecting some lofty, esoteric and exclusive interpretation of ‘enlightened’, you will be disappointed and possibly even enraged because I have dared to dislodge the concept of ‘enlightened’ from its unreachable heights and make it an achievable reality here and now!


Let me put it this way:  If Enlightened‘ is to have any use at all, it must be practical, it must be easily attainable and it must be ongoing or at least repeatable.  It must be something you and I can be today!  Not in 30 years time after much toil and struggle, isolation, asceticism and deprivation.  No, it must be doable right here and now.  And I will show you how.


In fact, it is patently obvious to me that we all need to be enlightened and live the enlightened life now!  It is obvious to me that the enlightened state is our natural state!  And it is obvious to me that the enlightened way of life is necessarily effortless.


Divine Design or Infinite Intelligence or God or whatever you wish to call it could not have designed it otherwise! Struggle, effort and hardship are not natural states!  They are states that result from an un-enlightened way of life, of perception, of action.


Here’s a simple guideline to follow when it comes to distinguishing between what Life wants and what you want: If any want is the source of anxiety or sorrow, that want is yours and not Life’s. If the want has pain, it is in vain. To let Real Life flood in, pull yourself out of the flood of self-wants that promise a future pleasure but only deliver a present pain. See that you are being washed away by them and you will grow tired of being bounced along.


Here is a key. Never accept the presence of any mental or emotional suffering as necessary no matter how much importance these impostors lend to a particularly pressing want – Guy Finley


If you’ve been struggling in any area of your life – with your relationships, career, life purpose, finances or health – AND are seeking REAL and LASTING change, this website is one place dedicated to helping you.  Here, I will

  • Show you how the Enlightened life is the effortless life
  • Help you see why Effortful living is un-enlightened living and
  • Cheer you on as you make the radical shift from a belief system of effort and struggle to the natural and intuitive state of effortlessness and ease!


This planet and our world are burdened by the inexorable mindset of too many people who have bought into the fallacy that life is necessarily difficult, that peace is hard to attain and that there is ‘no gain without pain’.


Such thinking keeps us in a perpetual state of victimhood, powerlessness, uncreative engagement (aka JOBS that take up most of our time without ever really fulfilling us or allowing us to express our unique selves and limitless potential), and unworthiness which is reflected in our need to constantly ‘prove’ ourselves, ‘be significant’ and ‘earn our living’.


If you have ever wondered if this is really and ultimately what life is about, then I encourage you to take that wondering seriously.  Ask those questions and do not stop until you find answers that truly and deeply satisfy you.  It is my hope that you will find answers to at least some of those questions here.


Most of us would rather stay in the illusion even if that makes our lives harder.  We’d rather pretend that if we just can keep on deciding how things are going to go, then life will turn out better.  But control is an illusion.  It’s when we try to control the outcomes of our relationships that we find frustration and disappointment, when we try to control our bodies that we get sick, when we try to control over nations that we end up in wars that destroy us all – Ingrid Bacci


At some point soon, I hope that like me, you will reach the inevitable and liberating conclusion that Life is meant to be Effortless, that the Enlightened State is indeed our natural state and that Peace, Joy, Abundance and Limitlessness are all characteristics of this Enlightened State.


If you’ve already come to that conclusion (Oh yeah!) but are not sure how to turn it into a practical reality and live in the flow of Universal Energy or Love with ease, peace, joy, power and abundance, then let me help you!


Through this website and/or by journeying with me as your mentor, you will make Effortless Living your reality.  You will live the Enlightened Life.


Our world will be lighter and freer, more joyous and peaceful, more enjoyed by all and not just some when you and I and the others that we might influence and inspire decide to GET ENLIGHTENED TODAY!


I have chosen to live by this simple truth:  Effortless = Enlightened.


What truth will you choose to live by from this moment forward?

Let’s do it together!


Love  Peace  Bliss, Lucy 


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