This day unfolds brand new This day god cleans her instrument Polishing and tuning it Clearing away every grumble of dust Restoring it to the way she’d created it And so, renewed and ready this instrument joins the orchestra of Life playing its particular part and parts Perfectly tuned to be no better… Read More

    Let Truth come from its own place Not where you think you keep it – in your head At best your intellect clumsily attempts to represent it with words ill-fitting and out of place Often daring to claim they are it! Your words are not Truth for Truth is that wordless, unfathomable endlessness… Read More

    When ugliness seeps into the paintings on my walls When anger sweeps coldness across the floor When the air is stretched to snapping by catapults of hate When so much is wrong Hope arrives with fresh barrels of soothing breezes lifting the wounded spirit into the sky of smiling graces There to see… Read More

  You and I, we’re made from Love. Coloured, shaped, textured and historied differently, but the same dough, fashioned by the same creative hands. Baked in the same oven called Life. How can we point our fingers at each other and blame and shame one another? Don’t we see we’re here together? That we belong… Read More

  Those who do not see things the way I do   Infinite Love – that which I truly am May my mind be untroubled by the actions of those who do not see things the way I do. May my heart remain open to the constant flow of your Love and all the wondrous… Read More

Life is knocking on my door Wake up! Wake up!   Didn’t you just heat up some milk?   And did you allow a moment of gratitude for the cow, the grass, the farmer, the sunlight the earth, the water, the transport, the supermarket the manager, the packers, the retail assistant… all the things that… Read More

  I’ve been trying for so long So very long I felt sure that this was my calling I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing   But look at me I’m still here Still where I began all those years ago   Meanwhile Others who began a couple of years ago, two months… Read More

  Here, Love, take this worry which I eagerly give to you I know you do not see it the way I do I know you do not see it at all! And that’s quite alright. In fact, that is as it should be   Because, oh Love divine, when I hand you my worry… Read More

  There is a silence That’s like a sleeping puppy’s breath That reaches eternity And brings water into deserts   It’s the lover’s secret song Sung so only you can hear And then you will dance In a way that no one notices   But the stars will join in as your castanets And the… Read More