Are my needs my weakness or my strength?   Are my needs my weakness or are they my strength? Or are they both? Or neither?   Our needs are underpinned by thoughts, ideas, beliefs.   Do I need oxygen?   Yes, if I want to live.   ‘If’ is the operative word. ‘If’ reflects a… Read More

While Miracles abound   We pine and pant for magic When all around us Miracles lay as unremarkably naked and unnoticed as Air and leaf litter Chirping baby currawongs Peak hour traffic Washing on the line Breath and daily bread   There isn’t anywhere you can look Anything you can touch or feel or hear… Read More

If you are very attentive     If you’re very attentive The wind may call you today To come out and be its playmate So it can scatter your hair here and there Across your face and against your cheeks And over your eyes And upon the city air While you, with your body, can… Read More

Is it selfish to want to feel good?   Don’t let the Ego trick you into thinking that your desire to feel good is a selfish or self-serving thing. That only has (false) meaning if you see yourself as a separate entity/being.  And that, of course, is how the Ego sees.   But if you… Read More

  Eating and Thinking   Eating is an instinctual thing.   You don’t need to teach a baby how to eat. That natural/infinite Intelligence within it works it out pretty quickly and does it well.   But, managing its eating is a whole different thing that initially its mother does for it.   Later, as… Read More

Focus and get out of your own way   You’re familiar with this image of course. 2 things: 1. Once you see, you cannot un- see 2. It is almost impossible if not actually impossible to see both simultaneously.   This is true of Life also and especially about this Truth-   IT IS NOT… Read More

  We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time – T S Elliot   Life is funny. And wonderful and frustrating and screwy and exhilarating and depressing and numbing and sweet and morbid and enchanting and terrifying…  … Read More

  Do you know you’ve signed up to a binding contract? For life?   Okay, I admit that you were signed up for it by your parents, teachers, peers, society.   And frighteningly, you have not ever really examined the contract yourself. Yet, you live by its terms.   What’s worse, you fiercely guard these… Read More

    This day unfolds brand new This day god cleans her instrument Polishing and tuning it Clearing away every grumble of dust Restoring it to the way she’d created it And so, renewed and ready this instrument joins the orchestra of Life playing its particular part and parts Perfectly tuned to be no better… Read More