Lucy has a Bachelor of Science honours degree from the University of London, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Hong Kong and completed 80% of her Masters of Education degree before switching to a research degree toward a PhD. She chose not to complete that after spending approximately 5 years part-time researching and reading in the area of Cognitive Psychology where her particular focus was on the impact of beliefs on our wellbeing. She continues, however, to research independently.

She has done courses (and in some cases worked) with Lifeline Australia, Volunteering Australia and the remarkable visionary, scholar and researcher, Jean Houston (student of Joseph Campbell), as well as the enormously successful, heart-tuned, smile-inducing Mike Dooley, author of Notes from the Universe.

She has trained in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, based on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn) and  has also trained in MBSM (Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation) with Ian Gawler, Australia’s own former athlete, veterinarian and cancer-survivor. She is a fully Accredited Meditation Teacher with Meditation Australia.

Her professional portfolio includes High School and Tertiary teaching, Consultancy in Human Resource Management, Retail Assistance, Research, Mentoring, Counselling, Teaching Meditation and Transpersonal Workshopping for individuals and groups.

I believe in effortless living which I have learned happens when you stop quarreling with life, with yourself and with others, and start Allowing Life. That doesn’t mean that you agree with everything, that you object to nothing, that you don’t try to make things better. On the contrary, when you stop quarreling, when you stop insisting that the world is the way you want it be, when you drop all that warring with life, that’s when you release yourself from the prison of limited thinking and allow the amazing possibilities of Life to come flooding in. That’s when you’re truly Free to be who and what and how you choose to be. How do I free myself from the prison of limited thinking? It’s a moment to moment, life-long thing which I do by being mindful, practicing daily meditation and mentoring and teaching others these skills 🙂 Come talk to me about Effortless Living. It’s possible. Really 🙂

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My name is Lucy Lopez.


I’ve been mentoring people from around the world in the art and science of Effortless Living since 2001.  That was the year that I left a well-paying job in Human Resource Management because I was so desperately unhappy.  I had also become quite ill.


I spent the next 6 months recovering, reading and studying in the fields of spirituality, quantum physics, health, metaphysics and Buddhism while establishing and maintaining a daily, 4-hour practice of meditation. I also revisited my Christian (Catholic) understandings and practices, finding within them principles and truths that continue to guide me as I studied  their deeper spiritual meanings .


My inner journey revealed some exciting, unshatterable (yes, I made that word up) and mind-blowing-ly (another one) liberating truths which I eagerly wanted to share with others and so I did.


During this time and since, I began to notice many more synchronicities in my life that held me in awe and delight.  Life had become so much more fun, so much more free, so much more of an exciting adventure and so much less of a struggle.  Life had indeed become effortless.


And that’s a strange thing to say because it was also a time when I had far less money than I’d ever had in my working life and far less ‘security’ or ‘stability’ in terms of a place of residence. . Yet, none of the things that happened (including being homeless for 18 months) affected me the way they would have done years before. Instead, I found myself growing in faith and confidence in both myself and the people that came into my life.


I could have returned to any of the kinds of jobs I had previously done – Research, Human Resource Management or High School and Tertiary Teaching but I chose not to. Clearly, they had served their purpose and I was ready and hungry for something different. I was finally allowing that still, small voice to speak to me without drowning it with the clatter of what was expected of me, what I had learned to expect of myself and who or what or how I was ‘supposed’ to be.


Not only did I survive, I continued to help others make radical shifts in their personal relationships, careers, health, personal power and self-worth.  Along the way, I discovered some of the Timeless Truths and Universal Principles that I share with my clients today and upon which I have built my Mentoring programs  and Workshops. I have tried to capture some of the profound truths in this post.


This came about through my own intuitive explorations and were supported, confirmed and further informed by a range of sources including Buddhism, Vedanta, the Bible, A Course in Miracles and some of the great teachers and thinkers of this world.  If you’d like to see what and who my sources of interest, influence and inspiration have been, please go here.


Even as a child, I *knew* that life was never meant to be hard.  The fact that it was, in my case, made me very angry and resentful and fearful.  It felt as if my life had been forced upon me and I was a victim of some external authority – God – as well as some home-grown authorities like my father, my older siblings, my teachers and later on, my employers.  My Catholic background as well as my background in Science somehow kept me in this cycle of victimhood.


When I finally realized that change was not only possible but that it depended on no one and nothing else but me, I spared no time in enlightening myself.  I realized that what I had intuitively felt as a child was indeed true – Life was meant to be easy.  Suffering is NOT mandatory.  I am in charge and creator of my reality.


I began putting these principles and truths into practice.  I learned to maintain an inner vigilance that keeps me informed me of my thoughts and feelings.  You might call it ‘mindfulness’ or ‘being present’. I learned how to invite and allow thoughts and feelings that felt better rather than force or will myself into ‘positive thinking’.  No longer was I a victim of my disempowering thoughts and feelings, I became a compassionate *allower*.


Today, I am excited by my desire to help others live from true Power, Peace and Joy, all of which arise spontaneously from the Universal field of Love or Energy or Consciousness or God in response to our INTENTION, the corresponding FEELINGS and our ATTENTION to what we intend!


Nothing could be simpler, more elegant and more powerful!


I created the following statement (or equation) as a simple and powerful way of summarizing the key truths and principles by which I live and by which I show my clients how to live:

get EE

I am here at your service, which as Mother Teresa said, is ‘love in action’.  If there is any way I can help you make the shift from effortful and unenlightened living to Effortless and Enlightened living in any area of your life, let me know! It would be my great joy and honour to accompany you in the ground-breaking, mind-bending, spell-binding journey of Effortless Living!


In the meantime, take what you can from this website and know that if you desire it, you can Get Enlightened Today and start living the effortless, joyous, free, limitless and abundant life today!



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